The Mercedes Full of Presents

The road to the school show in a Mercedes-Benz GL450
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It is not a good idea to box up a Christmas tree together with the light bulbs, a 15 kilogram present, a giant candy cane and a snowman in a Mercedes-Benz GL450. Not even if the snowman is Olaf from the “Frozen” cartoons. Especially not then, because it would melt all over the place. But Mercedes-Benz found a way to make the trip!

This is how the way to school starts. First, you pick up the Christmas tree, together with the light bulbs. Be careful where you plug it in. Him, we mean! The kid!

Mercedes-Benz is taking us and the kids on the way to school in a GL 450, in Longmont, Colorado, with a mom – as the commander of the engine sleigh – smiling from behind the steering wheel and taking her son and few of his classmates, to the elementary school show at the end of the semester.

With six additional seats to fit everybody in, the commander is on her way. Her son, Adam, the little Christmas tree, is still decorating himself during the drive.

It hasn’t snowed much in Colorado this year, but still the holiday spirit is in the air.

First, they stop at Alexa’s gingerbread house. She goes inside the GL450, but the house probably needs some truck to fit in. And off they go! Next stop? Max’s place. He is a snowman and has a candy cane as a best friend. None of them is going to melt inside the comfortably warm SUV.

Mercedes full of presents

There is one more kid to pick up. They reach Cara’s house, but she’s nowhere to be seen. Just a present on the porch of her house. Watch the video to find out where the girl had hidden:

All aboard the Mercedes-Benz GL 450 and caroling down the road, they are ready to play their parts in the big show at the elementary school.