New Jersey to Mercedes-Benz: “Please Stay!”

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Mercedes-Benz USA hasn’t even confirmed the rumours, yet huge billboards have appeared in the state of NJ, kindly asking the German luxury car manufacturer not to move its U.S. headquarters from Bergen County, New Jersey.

Mercedes-Benz USA, part of Daimler AG, has been located in Montvale since 1972 and it currently employs over 1,000 people in New Jersey. The rumours of Mercedes-Benz moving its headquarters determined New Jersey officials to publicly campaign to keep the German company inside the state borders. One of these New Jersey officials, Holly Schepisi sent a letter to Mercedes-Benz USA executives requesting a meeting with state officials before making any decision regarding its headquarters.

“It’s something where it goes well beyond just the loss of those jobs…You’re talking about the impact it would have on the small businesses in the area – restaurants, dry cleaners, cleaning crews”, said Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi.


Over the last few days in Bergen County where Montvale is located, were spotted some digital billboards on Routes 80 and 17 showing a message that says “Bergen County Loves <3 Mercedes-Benz USA” and the hashtag “#pleasestay” just below the message. These huge billboards were put there by Judge Outdoor advertising company at the request of Holly Schepisi.

“It’s the holidays and I don’t want to see people leave their jobs. I’m hoping they can keep them in New Jersey”, said Martin Judge, co-owner of Judge Outdoor.

Rob Moran, Mercedes-Benz USA spokesperson claimed that the company loves the state, without making any further statements regarding the rumours. Concerning the ads he admitted that the German luxury car manufacturer loves New Jersey as well. “We have great employees, customers and dealers who live and work here,” he concluded.