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Roger Federer, A Decade in Mercedes-Benz
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Roger Federer was driven around New York in a Mercedes GL 450 during the US Open. Unfortunately for him, the Swiss left the competition after the semifinals, when the Croatin Marin Cilic defeated him in three straight sets, 6-3 6-4 6-4, and eventually won the crown in the Big Apple. And again, Mercedes helped Federer to get back home. The German brand and the former number 1 have been partners ever since 2010.

“The feeling is amazing, I am so excited!”, Roger Federer said right after closing the ties with Mercedes-Benz, four years ago. Every year, Roger Federer earns about 45 million dollars from publicity partnerships and endorsements. An American sports brand has offered him the biggest bucks back in 2008. $100 million in ten years. But the figures of the alliance with Mercedes-Benz are top secret. Roger Federer gets a Mercedes every six months and is not allowed to drive any other car until the end of the deal. That date is also a mystery.

The multi year deal covers the use of his image, personal appearances and product placement. Mercedes-Benz also provides a chauffer for the Swiss, every time he requests one, but he rarely does that, as he says that driving a Mercedes is pure delight.

The long term relationship with Mercedes is thought to last 10 years. Meanwhile, the Germans don’t need to worry. Federer will not embarrass them by ending up in tabloids. The Swiss is a family man and a proud father of four.

Roger Federer is the most successful tennis player ever, when it comes to prize money. The tennis tournaments have been pouring money by pound into his bank account. His income from the tennis court, starting back in 1998, has recently reached $84,827,704 and he is currently the 2nd highest paid athlete in the world and number 1 tennis player, according to the Forbes statistics. Roger Federer is also the record holder when it comes to Grand Slams. He won 17 of them and now has the chance to win the Davis Cup for the first time in his career. Switzerland just qualified into the final act, after defeating Italy and will battle against France in November to get the silver trophy.