Larte Design takes the Mercedes-Benz GL and crowns it the king of SUVs

Mercedes-Benz GL 350 CDI
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There’s not much to argue against a Mercedes-Benz GL’s class and presence on the road but on a few rare occasions, tuners manage to beat that. And one of those tuners is Larte Design.

In case you were among the lucky ones not having nightmares with the Mercedes-Benz GL Black Crystal, here’s one for you: Larte Design and its Black Crystal package are back, this time with a white, innocent theme. Yeah, you wish.

White or black, the Mercedes-Benz GL looks menacing enough because the Black Crystal body kit is doing a hell of a job, visually speaking.

Therefore, we must say the custom GL has it all, from beauty, elegance and of course, size. A lot of it, actually. Add the new bumpers, new DRLs, a new spoiler and redesigned air intakes, fenders, diffusers plus the quad exhaust system and you’ll get the king of luxury SUVs.

Performance-wise, the car is based on the Mercedes-Benz GL 350 CDI which means it packs 290 hp and 691 Nm of torque. Even if no upgrades are on the table, the GL can still let you know who’s the boss, in case you had any doubts on that matter.