Armored Mercedes-Benz GL SUV withstands AK-47 shots

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.
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What’s better than a Mercedes-Benz? Well, a bulletproof Mercedes-Benz. To be more precise, a fully-armored Mercedes-Benz GL SUV that withstands bullets coming from an AK-47 assault rifle.

OK, so you are a celebrity or a billionnaire and you fear that the bad guys might come after you. You already love your Mercedes-Benz GL, but you would like full protection when things go sideways. What do you do?

Well, here’s a solution: you call the guys at Texas Armoring Company (TAC) and tell them about your problem. Then they fix it. As any company with high standards, TAC takes product testing extremely seriously in order to respect their motto: “Live is valuable. Protect it!”.

In that respect, they even put their CEO Trent Kimball in a armored Mercedes-Benz GL, while they shot at him with an AK-47. Before you see how the testing session went, there’s three things you might want to remember about TAC, as they keep bragging themselves.

They produce the world’s lightest-weight armored passenger vehicles, their vehicles provide the absolute finest finishing available and they only use advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

If the above sentence didn’t convince you, we strongly feel that the video below will no doubt change your mind: