Mercedes-Benz Café – The Aroma of the Brand

Mercedes-Benz coffee style
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Have you ever imagined eating cookies with the Mercedes logo stamped on them? How about drinking coffee from a cup branded with the Benz star? Well, now you have them all in any Mercedes-Benz Café.

Mercedes-Benz is trying to keep customers close and seduce new ones. And the Mercedes-Benz Café is part of the strategy. The innovating business, opening a new gate into the world of the stars, has started in the spring of 2014, with the first location comissioned in the Fiumicino Airport, in Rome, a place where 38 million people arrive or depart from, every year.

With its light design and elegant lines, conceived by the Design Center in Como, the Mercedes-Benz Café is meant to be an oasis before or after a flight, offering premium tasty delights of both Italian and international cuisine, all served according to the German brand standards.

The coffee shop in the B terminal in the Fiumicino Airport has been the first of a long list. Others followed in Milan, located where else, but in Via Daimler, number 1. Those who follow the German star can find the special cafés also in Berlin, in a Mercedes-Benz showroom, located very close to the Brandenburg Gate, in Luxembourg and even all the way to Asia, in Singapore and Japan (Tokyo and Osaka). All of them bear the Tripadvisor badge, according to the clients rating.

The Aristas Mercedes-Benz Café in Tampa, Florida, is quite a special one. With the mission of “Changing lives one bean at the time”, it is also a charity project, offering social and professional development, by providing training, internships and employment to individuals suffering from Autism.

Recently, another café opened in Eastern Europe, in Chișinău, Republic of Moldavia. Miniature Mercedes models are on display for people to enjoy the whole Mercedes history, while they taste cookies with the Mercedes logo on them and drink aromatic coffee or a hand blanded cocoa from customized cups.