Racetrack vs catwalk in New York

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Super hot models and super hot cars! It is quite a steamy combination at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where everybody is watching both the cars for the VIPs and the designers’ collections.

The AMG GT has been advertised as the car handcrafted by racers. The clothes displayed at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week are handcrafted by top designers. The Editorialist founders, Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen, explore the luxurious details of both the fashion world and automotive luxury.

Experts in fashion, Kate and Stefania know that details are the ones that make the difference between mediocre and flawless. With a Major in Journalism and stepping into the world of fashion as in intern for Harpar’s Bazaar, Kate says that the cars are pretty much like designer clothes.
“Anyone can pull up a full runway look straight up the runway, but it is about how you style it and how you put it together.” She states that every detail makes the creation unique.

Driven around New York for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, in a boxy, but stylish blue Mercedes G550 and in the brand new AMG GT, the two Editorialist ladies were close to being agape. But not quite! They managed to find the right words for the cars.

“Getting into the car, you look at the wheel, it’s so beautiful, the dashboard, everything is just perfect and there is a reason for the way that it is. It’s about the general aesthetic on the inside. I think everything to everybody else is all about the external aspect of the car, but for me, it’s about the details on the inside. That’s really where you live, you live inside the car”, Stefania says and Kate nods approvingly.

In the G, she sees a perfect marriage between quality craftsmanship and looks put through the filter of high design.
I see very classic traditional functional lines, then I see the avant-garde directional design layered on top of it”, the blond beauty says and nobody would dare contradict her!

You find this blue G having a crazy color? How about these ones?