It Fits, It Sits

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Do you remember those videos of cats trying to fit in each and every box they get, no matter the size of the box, nor of the cat? And the slogan for those videos is, in a terribly funny incorrect grammar: “it fits, I sits!” It’s the same with the smart fortwo. If it fits, it sits.

It actually really fits in any tight parking spot. And you might as well fit in it just perfectly, even if you are about 1,90m. It’s the extra 10 centimeters that make the smart a bit wider and… smarter and keep the driver away from hitting elbows with the passenger. And shall we try to think outside the box?

The honeycomb grille makes the smart look like it’s smiling. No more mean look of the former generation, but a more mature and friendly one. It looks like a muscle car that has been shrunk, with wheels at the outcorners of the car body and an inflated-like hood, giving it a more sporty look.

It fits, I sits

A reason to smile

The smart is color, fun and traffic trick. The new urban joy, they said. The new urban lego toy, we would add. You need to use all your fingers four times to count all colors combination. 40 options to choose from, so make a choice! For the interior, the white-light blue combination seems the most joyful for the urban joy, as they call it. But it looks like a disposable interior, fit for somebody who cleans it every day, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink coffee.

The smart is very interactive, as the cross connect application can connect you to other smart drivers. This simply happens by clicking your smartphone into the universal cradle. The app can control the navigation system and radio, can provide data about your location and automatically find a parking spot minutes before you get there. In some cities, such as Barcelona, the smart community has parking spaces exclusively reserved.

What else can you fit in the fortwo, except for your trip partner and handbag? Maybe a schedule notebook in the glove compartment. Well, yes, it fits, if it’s a miniature one. You can also stick a pen in the side compartment of the central console, opening to the passenger’s side. And that’s just about it. Oh, forgot to mention. You have a nice special space to safely place your specs above your head.

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Regarding the smart materials, a door to door collision in the parking lot or a hit from a shopping cart doesn’t necessarily have to end up in the office of an insurance company. We said lego toy in the beginning, so we weren’t exactly mistaken. The body panels of the smart are entirely made of lightweight plastic. Isn’t that… fantastic?

It fits, I sits