Mercedes-Benz EQC, set to enter series production next spring

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The market of the premium electric cars is blooming. Now it’s the time of the Mercedes-Benz EQC to shine in a world where the opponents have already shown their intentions. The first electric crossover of the company is set to enter series production next spring at the company’s plant in Bremen, while deliveries will start in mid-2019.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is still waiting its turn to go up the assembly line, as the Daimler subsidiary Accumotive, that will manufacture the batteries for the electric SUV, is still in the recruitment phase. The facility is on the verge of doubling the number of employees, reaching approximately 1,000 workers at its Kamenz plant in East Germany.

The Jaguar I-Pace is already having fun in the yet uncharted territory of the premium electric crossovers, but the new Audi e-tron is going to keep him company, starting the beginning of 2019. It will be a tango of two until Mercedes starts delivering the EQC, presented two months ago in Paris.

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Founded in 2012, Accumotive GmbH has manufactured, so far, more than 200,000 lithium-ion batteries for Mercedes-Benz and smart models. A second battery factory of the company is currently being built, following a €500 million ($571 million) investment from Daimler. That will make Kamenz one for the largest and most modern battery factories in the world, Daimler claims.

The company now holds eight production centers at six locations, on three continents, all of them working to expend the electric domination of Mercedes: Kamenz and Stuttgart-Untertürkheim battery factories in Germany, Sindelfingen, also in Germany, Peking in China, Bangkok in Thailand and Tuscaloosa in the United States.

In the course of electro initiative, Mercedes-Benz cars will invest ten billion Euros in the expansion of its electric fleet. By 2022, Daimler will electrify the entire portfolio of Mercedes-Benz. At least one electrified variant will be available in each segment, taking the figure of the electrified variants to 130. More than ten of them will be fully electric passenger cars, covering all sectors, from the urban smart to the largest of the SUVs.


  • Great move towards a more environmental-friendly world. As usual, the exterior of Mercedes Benz’s work on the EQ series is absolutely stunning. It would definitely be interesting to see how the EQC competes with its fellow competitors such as the i-Pace, Tesla etc.

    Perhaps it may be too early to hope for this, but it would be interesting to find out if there will be an EQ AMG version? Who says that electric cars can’t be wild and interesting? Hopefully Mercedes Benz can take its eco-friendly technology to the AMG division.

  • […] The company now owns eight production centers in six locations on three continents, all working to expends the electric domination of the Mercedes-Benz production plants: Kamenz and Stuttgart-Untertürkheim in Germany, Sindelfingen, also in Germany, Beijing in China, Bangkok in Thailand and Tuscaloosa in the United States. Under the Electric mobility, ten billion euros will be invested in Mercedes-Benz cars to expand the electric fleet. By 2022, Daimler will electrify the whole Mercedes-Benz portfolio. source […]

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      the plug-in hybrid sales are going well and the number of Plug-in hybrid has increased dramatically and also the electric range became more and more competitive. But EQC sales start is not good at all.