Future Mercedes S-Class imagined by PoloTo youtube channel

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YouTube channel PoloTo presents its vision of what the next-generation Mercedes S-Class could look like.

Photo: captured video PoloTo Youtube channel 

Mercedes is preparing a facelift for the W223 Mercedes S-Class generation in the second half of 2025, which we wrote about here.

While Mercedes has announced the current E-Class is the last one with conventional engines, the German automaker has made no such announcement about the S-Class. Now, after Mercedes announced that it’s ditching the MB. EA Large platform for the next generation EQS, it’s clear that the S-Class will get a new generation based on the conventional MRA II platform.

The facelift in the second half of 2025 will keep the S-Class flagship fresh for another three years or so, but we expect to see a new generation in 2028-2029.

The PoloTo YouTube channel shows an interesting design interpretation for the upcoming Mercedes S-Class. In the YouTube clip, we can see a more aggressive front end, with a grille design and a well-highlighted three-rib bonnet inspired by the AMG GT 4-door coupe. Unlike the AMG GT 4-door coupe, the radiator grille extends to the headlights, which are connected to the new grille.

The headlamps are also the slimmest ever seen on Mercedes S-Class and the front wings feature a decorative element, also taken from the AMG GT 4-door coupe. The radiator grille is closed and, presumably, at the time this clip was published, Mercedes had not yet announced that it was ditching the MB.EA Large platform on which the future EQS was supposed to be built. At the rear, the taillights are a bit thinner and are connected by a light strip, just like on the EQS electric sedan, and the two oval exhaust pipes are visible.

The car’s silhouette is very aggressive, looking more like a four-door coupe. We have to admit that the car looks much better than the current Mercedes EQS.

What if Mercedes had chosen not to develop a luxury electric sedan on a dedicated electric platform and built a Mercedes S-Class with this design with both conventional and electric propulsion? It would be interesting what Gorden Wagener, Mercedes’ chief designer, would answer.