Mercedes-Benz Recalls a Single S-Class, Glass Roof Might Detach

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Mercedes-Benz is recalling a single S-Class. The premium carmaker will notify the owner and schedule an appointment at a local dealership in order to fix the issue free of charge.

Carmakers perform recalls when owners indicate an issue or when the engineers realize they must have done something wrong during the manufacturing procedure. In this latter situation, the recall is just precautionary. Rarely do the recalls follow crashes and even rarer is an accident that involves injuries.

What Mercedes-Benz is doing right now is recall a single S-Class sedan to prevent the detachment of the glass roof. The car the procedure is targeting is an S 580 4MATIC. Engineers suspect there might be something wrong with the mounting of the glass panel that is located between the windshield and the panoramic sunroof. They might have used what they refer to as the “incorrect adhesive.”

This panel detaching while driving would obviously represent a hazardous situation, especially for those driving behind the S-Class. Pieces of glass or the entire panel could slam into that car.

The NHTSA official document highlights that the “adhesion of the front fixed panel to the vehicle body might deteriorate gradually over time and could result in the front fixed panel to partially or fully detach from the vehicle.”

Mercedes will notify the owner of the car in question before April 18. The carmaker will solve the issue with an appointment at a dealership, where experts will replace the glass panel free of charge.

It is not the first time that a recall targets a single car in the Mercedes lineup. Back in December, NHTSA uploaded a document according to which an S 500 needed to visit the repair shop. The document indicated a poor connection of the dashboard panel inside the car. It was an irregularity that the carmaker identified during the quality check procedure.