The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman gets updated with extra stylish elements

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The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, the absolute top-of-the-range brand model, has just reached the next level of exclusivity. The limousine gets a new radiator grille and new exclusive paint combinations in the interior.

Available starting March 15th, the updated Mercedes-Maybach Pullman displays 6.50 meters of luxury at its highest level. The front end receives the radiator grille with vertical slats, inspired by a pinstriped suit, having premiered with the presentation of the exclusive coupe Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 back in 2016. The endless-looking model runs on new 20-inch wheels and gets a paint scheme combination by customer demand, now available with two-tone finishes. For the club-lounge like interior, customers can choose the new exclusive colors magma grey, mahogany brown and silk beige/deep sea blue.

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The company has fitted new comfort elements in the chauffeur-driven limousine, with two standard-specification executive seats facing the direction of travel reserved for the VIP occupants, that benefit from the largest legroom available in the segment. Typical for a Pullman, the four passengers can sit facing each other. New for the Pullman is a front view camera that helps passengers monitor the traffic at the front of the car, even when the partition wall is raised.

Mercedes now provides more exclusivity in terms of sound, as well, with independent control for the front and rear passenger compartment, giving the occupants of the Pullman the freedom of choosing their own music.

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The price of the V12 biturbo-powered Mercedes-Maybach Pullman with 630 horsepower starts at around half a million Euros.

The car that runs from a standstill to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds has been the favorite of governments, head of state and royal families worldwide for decades, since it has always been, from the moment it set wheels on the ground, is equivalent to status and exclusivity.