Fluid gold – The genuine Petronas Mercedes Engine Oil

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You could use any engine oil. But with the genuine Petronas Mercedes lubricant, your car will master cold starts, cold weather or driving at speed limits with the full performance that you expect of it. See it to believe it!

The Stuttgart-based car maker has its own way of advertising for the genuine brand products. And what a way that is. The 2-minute video shows, in a 3D-like staging, golden Petronas Mercedes oil drops forming car parts and then the entire car itself.

Mercedes-Benz boasts short penetration time for fast lubrication after a cold start, claiming that only selected high-grade base Petronas oils and additives meet the exclusive quality standard.

Instead, they promise better performance in extreme cold, in red-hot heat and even when the driver chooses to push the pedal to the metal and subsequently, the Petronas oil provides a longer endurance.

According to the cinematic commercial, the usage of the original Petronas Mercedes lubricants would guarantee reduced wear, the oil brings lower fuel consumption and lower emissions compared with standard oils.