The G Clef in the S-Class

Sound test Mercedes-Benz S-Class
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Ok, so we’ve all heard of test drives. But what in the world is a test sound when it comes to a car? That is just what an artist did. So all of you artists out there, is the S fit for the G Clef? You can find this out from a world famous guitarist and from the master itself: Dieter Burmester, the one who created the sound system in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

MotorOctane took the Indian-born and London-based artist Rashid Ali on a… sound ride inside the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the car setting the standards when it comes to luxury, safety and power. The model they have tested, with a 4.6 liter turbo charged V8 engine, came with a 1540 Watt Burmester audio-visual system, with a 3D Surround and 24 speakers. The guitarist, who can actually play just about any instrument there is, put the system to the test.

The special guest on the show listened to one of his songs inside the car and started tapping and singing along with the CD.

Then he connected his guitar to the music system to hear the sound of the strings in a live performance and sang his heart out, while imagining himself in a real concert hall.

S-Class BurmesterThe interior of the limousine can easily turn into a night club, by switching the eight ambient lighting configurations, from soft white light to glaring purple. And while you enjoy this, you can lay back in the executive rear seats with hot stone massage and adjustable foot rest. Your driver will keep focus, benefitting from the help of the night vision function and of a 12.3-inch digital display at hand, providing vital information in crisp detail.

“What a sound, oh, my God”, was the artist’s reaction when the performance was over. “It sounds full and rich, I never knew a car can give this feeling”, Rashid Ali said on the show.


The story behind the speakers

A living high-tech legend. This is how we could call Dieter Burmester, the man who designed the most innovative music system for the S-Class. He lives his life among countless speakers, piles of CDs, tons of music instruments and sound mixer equalizers that he rolls up and down again and again. This is how he worked to fill the car volume with pure sound.

S-Class Burmester

The sound master, Dieter Burmester

3D Surround, 24 high-performance speakers and 24 separate amplifier channels. These are the figures of the three-dimensional listening experience, that integrates the three loudspeakers in the roof panel and another one in the overhead control panel.

The occupants can select from the “Pure” sound, the “Easy Listening” and “Live”. “It should actually be called bigger than life“, the master Burmester says with no trace of senseless modesty. The VIP setting can adjust the sound for each of the seats.

Dieter Burmester says the audio system he has created is “velvet and silk, as it sounds just as good as the S-Class drives.”

Learn more about Dieter Burmester by watching the video below: