Handcrafted by Racers – The new Mercedes-AMG GT. VIDEO

Mercedes-AMG GT campaign
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“Handcrafted by Racers” is the name of a worldwide launch campaign starring the new Mercedes-AMG GT. The marketing mix for the campaign covers all communication channels: ads in print, television and online.


“Our campaign focuses on the essence of what makes the Mercedes-AMG GT so fascinating: the quest for pure, performance-oriented perfection and the desire to rise to challenges and win through. The claim embodying the Mercedes-AMG DNA, ’Handcrafted by Racers,’ serves as a leitmotif which is manifested in various guises throughout all communication activities and channels,” said Jens Thiemer, head of PR at Mercedes-Benz Cars. “The campaign authentically positions the new Mercedes-AMG GT as a genuine challenge to the established contenders in its class.”

Mercedes-AMG_GT_vs_porsche_911_AD_1.png_1440x655cIn the commercial, a child is dreaming about a trip in a sport car – a Porsche 911 – when all of a sudden a second car, the Mercedes-AMG GT appears in the rearview mirror. It manages to overtake the Porsche and the child wakes up as the tagline reads “The car you dreamed of as a child has just been overtaken.”

A special highlight of the campaign answers the question “How can the breathtaking dynamics of the Mercedes-AMG GT be experienced up close and personal?” Viewers can experience the new Mercedes-AMG GT’s acceleration in real time in a special TV format that comprises three short spots. The first spot is 3.8 seconds long – exactly the time the sports car needs to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The two other short spots – interrupted by spots from other advertisers – show the car reaching the 200 km/h and the 310 km/h mark.

Last but not least, all the credit for designing and implementing the campaign goes to Mercedes-Benz’s creative agency Jung von Matt/Alster and Spree.




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