Beggar in a Benz

A beggar owns a Mercedes E-Class
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How in the world can a beggar afford a Mercedes? This was the question that shocked America! A pregnant woman, accompanied by a boy, wandered the streets of San Diego, California, asking for money. Then she got into her Mercedes and drove away.

A heavily pregnant woman with a boy sitting next to her feet, outside a convenient store and holding a cardboard sign with the message „Please help!”. That is an image that would melt even a heart of stone. But what if the „poor” woman gets into a Mercedes-Benz and counts the money in the passenger’s seat? Meanwhile, the boy is dangerously seating between the two front seats, with no belt attached. Those who have watched this happen believe that she was not even pregnant. But actually she was, because days later, she was spotted holding a newborn baby.

The car pictured here belongs to a woman, whose address is listed in a quite expensive apartment complex, that costs about $2500 per month. The local news station went in search of the rich beggar who is thought to be Mexican. Watch what happens when the broadcasting company reporter meets the beggars who drove in a Benz days before:

The outrageous photos and footage of the the woman and her family driving off in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class went viral. A facial recognition expert says that he is 80% sure the two women, the pregnant one and the one holding the baby, are one and the same. She even wears the same bag and the same shoes. But apparently, her and her family have changed the location and the car. Across the town, instead of getting in the Benz, they made a fast exist in a black minivan.

San Diego police says nobody else reported the beggar in a Benz, except for the person who took pictures of her.