The high-tech Christmas – This is the new Mercedes-Benz holiday ad

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A week away from Christmas, Mercedes-Benz is getting ready. For the moment, they have found just the right… high-tech neighbor for “A Christmas film by Mercedes-Benz”.

The dog is the beast messing up paper wrap of the presents. The failed photo shooting with everyone running off when they were supposed to say cheese, the reindeer sweater and the always late Uncle Bob, handing over a card with wishes for… 2038. Yes, that is how the holidays will look in 2 decades from now.

All these happen while, across the street, the 4-time Formula 1 World Champion is sending his Christmas presents by drones. In his driveway, there is the Mercedes-Benz EQ hatchback parked quietly, previewing the electric autonomous range of the company’s sub-brand.

As the image widens, there is another drone taking a dog for the evening walk.

So much will change in the future, but Christmas will be the same, is the message of this year’s TV ad launched by Mercedes-Benz.