10 000 fans for Mercedesblog on Facebook

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You did it, guys, and you were amazing while doing it! You helped us reach 10 000 fans on Facebook! Now this is one of those emotional moments when we say THANK-YOU to all our fans! Warning: this may sound like an acceptance speech of an Oscar-awarded actor! We won no Oscars here, but we hope to have won your hearts!

It has been one year since we joined Facebook and you have been with us ever since! Every day you liked and shared our posts, you praised and criticized us and helped us become better, wiser, more hard-working and always honest wtih you! You are all worth it! You are the reason we are here!

We do not want to sell you anything, we are not trying to buy you. We’re just making sure we bring the best stories from the Mercedes-Benz world.

We were sometimes the first to bring you the latest Mercedes-Benz models, we laughed together at terrible drivers causing pathetic accidents and we were broken-hearted together when we found out that some models will be out of production. Thank-you for being here with us every day, for holidays and work-days. We could not have done it without you!

Be with us all the way to one million fans and long after that!