Dashing through the snow at the AMG Winter Sporting 2017

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The world’s fastest family started off to the land of snow. The Mercedes-AMG fireballs where loaded onto Mercedes-Benz trucks and taken all the way to Sweden. The best driving instructors have been waiting for this moment all year: it is the AMG Winter Sporting 2017.

The convoy braved the heavy snow, the frozen roads along a route of 3,000 kilometers from the AMG headquarters, in Affalterbach, all the way to Kiel, from Gothenburg to Sundsvall and then, final road sector, from Sundsvall to Arjeplog.

Engineers, technicians and driving instructors are already there, preparing the driving course and ready to welcome the cars. Unloading them from the trucks and getting them into the garage proves to be unexpectedly difficult, as they come with summer tires, so they need to push them on snow. It can’t be that difficult with so many men in there if the procedure is for just one car, but they’ve got 40 AMGs that torment them for hours and hours.

They get the winter tires, they get numbers on them and then they are ready to go.

Experts in ice and snow and driving on such surfaces make up the course, under the command of the Chief Instructor. Running sideways and drifting on ice makes work fun and brings smiles upon their faces after hours and hours of labour. The appearance of the aurora borealis is like a reward.

Healthy food prepared by world renowned chefs will get the guests back in shape after a day in the cold of the region not far from the Arctic Circle.

All the fun comes for a price. The cheapest program costs 4,100 euros for the AMG Winter Sporting Advanced and it includes theoretical and practical driving training in German and English, 3-night accommodation and delicious meals served at the cabin.