The Beast of the Green Hell – The Mercedes-AMG GT R instigated to come out

The Mercedes-AMG GT R teased again
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Mercedes-AMG has already given hints on the looks of the GT R set to be shown in all its glory on June 24th. But they just can’t just leave it alone. They instigate the defiant beast to come out of the box it is locked in.

For the moment, we just hear the intimidating roar of the monster who seems to be ready to come out of the green hell. We can almost hear its teeth clenching throughout the 9-second video. The latest shooting keeps the Mercedes GT R with an output in exceed of 570 HP under wraps, but shows a garage door slightly opening and a flashy green light radiating from beyond.

Another video looking like “The Blair Witch Project” horror movie claims that the beast is roaring form the forest and that some strange phenomena is taking place in Nurburgring. “Take shelter before it’s too late – the prowess of this beast is inescapable” is the caption of the video posted on the official YouTube channel of Mercedes-AMG.

With still a week to go, we’ll probably get to see such teaching reports again, before the beast storms the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Check out the first official pictures of the fast and furious beast right HERE!