Exclusive AMG Accessories for the C-Class are available

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For those people who want some added pizzazz to their Mercedes-Benz C 450 4MATIC AMG without the help of a tuning house, Mercedes-AMG is now offering a full range of official accessories now available at all retailers.

There are the so called sleeper cars, very fast vehicles that look just like the sort of thing your granny would consider buying, which makes them perfect for stunning unsuspecting boy racers at a streetlight. But other than that, if you’ve bought a fast sports car, you want to show it even when your car is sitting pretty in its parking lot.

While the standard looks of the Mercedes-Benz C 450 4MATIC AMG are sporty enough, there’s always room for a little more drama. And since we know all too well how badly a trip to the local tuning shop can end (they’re like hairdressers – either make you look a lot better, or a lot worse), it’s always better to go for the official set of AMG accessories.

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The current range for the Mercedes-Benz C 450 4MATIC AMG and AMG Line consists of five exterior add-on parts in striking AMG design plus side strips, which are attached as foiling below the dropping line of the vehicle. All components are perfectly matched and available from the Mercedes-Benz dealers.

You can have a look at the full list with prices for the German market right here:

  • AMG Front splitter: 560 € 1
  • AMG Side-sill extensions: 790 € 1,2
  • AMG Tear-off edge: 350 € 1, 3
  • AMG Rear apron trim with diffuser-look: 560 € 1
  • AMG Additional rear flics: 220 € 1,2
  • AMG Sport strip: 200 € 1, 2
The add-on parts produced by thermoforming technology are supplied in high-gloss black – ideal for a sporty look. The high-quality surface finish eliminates painting, which means the attachments are mountable without any further effort – great emphasis was placed on simple handling and short installation times during the development of these unique AMG accessories. Only 1 ½ hours are required of the Mercedes-Benz dealers, for example, to assemble the four components AMG front splitter, AMG rear apron trim, AMG side sill set and AMG Additional rear flics.
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Since a new solution comes into play as an excerpt from the EC type-approval, starting in 2016 the AMG accessories must not be registered in the vehicle documents. The Mercedes-Benz workshop only has to fill in the corresponding confirmation and deliver it to the customer.


1 German Recommended Retail Price incl. 19 % VAT
2 Per set
3 Only for AMG Line Models: C 450 AMG 4MATIC comes with factory installed tear-off edge