Mercedes S-Class Pullman at the Geneva Motorshow in March 2015

Mercedes S-Class Pullman
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The Mercedes S-Class Pullman, the fifth member of the S-Class family, will be officially presented next March, during the Geneva Motor Show.

The current S-Class family is the largest luxury family that has ever existed in the car industry. After the long and short wheelbase saloon and after the coupe, the S-Class Maybach has been officially presented to the public 10 days ago, during the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

According to unofficial informations, the fifth version – the Mercedes S-Class Pullman – will be  introduced in March 2015, during the Geneva Motorshow. The S 600 Pullman will have a length of 6.4 meters, which represents almost one metre more than the new S-Class Maybach, which measures 5,453 mm in length.

Only one engine will be reserved for the Pullman: the 6.0 liter V12 with 530 HP and 830 Nm sorbed from the S 600 long wheelbase. It is not clear if this model will be built under the new subbrand Maybach, but for sure, it will not have an AMG version.

This superluxury saloon will have a 2+2+2 seats arrangement, with the rear four seats facing each other. The rumours claim a price of around 1 million USD.

The Pullman will not be the last version of the present S-Class family. A luxury four seats cabrio with soft top will follow.