The Brainwashed GLA

A Mercedes-Benz GLA splashed with paint at the L.A. Auto Show
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Even a baby could have done this. But actually, it is the work of an artist. Mr. Brainwash, a Paris-born and Los Angeles-based self proclaimed artist, has washed the brain of the Mercedes-Benz GLA. Literally! With liters of paint!

Mercedes-Benz has displayed a completely disguised GLA at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is not an undercover, it’s just the work of the very controversial French artist Thierry Guetta, with “Mr. Brainwash” as a VIP name.

Brainwashed GLA

The GLA has been taken on a 9-city tour, which provided live painting performances by the contemporary painter. He started the complete makeover in New York City, by throwing blue paint over the white GLA, on July 24th. Mr. Brainwash could not stop his creative impulse, so he gave the wall a big splash of paint. The design of the brainwashed GLA has evolved along the tour and finished this past November at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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His paint-brainwashed GLA has been widely criticized. “How is random paint throwing assault against a luxury crossover suddenly considered art?”, the Americans demanded. Mr. Brainwash claims this is how he is trying to make the GLA eye-catchy for the young audience.

The luxury rainbow splashy crossover, in its original colors though, will be on sale in the United States starting $40,000.

It is quite special for Guetta to get physically involved in the work. He usually just passes ideas to his graphic designers team.

In 2009, he designed the cover of Madonna’s “Celebration” album and, two years later, he opened a solo exhibition at the Opera Gallery in London. His work became more and more controversial, full of rumours of him being just a prankster and of copyright lawsuits. Critics claim that the real creator is actually a British graffiti artist called Bansky and Guetta is just the frontman in the publicity stunt.

Real artist or not, don’t miss out the final design of the GLA!