Mercedes-Benz Cars sold fewer cars in Q2 2024 compared to the same period of last year

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The Mercedes-Benz Cars division sold 496,700 cars in Q2 2024, 3.2% less than last year.

Unfortunately, the sales decline continues at Mercedes. In Q2 2024, the Mercedes-Benz Cars division sold 496,700 units in Q2 2024, 4% less than in the similar quarter of 2023 when it managed a better result of 517,000 units.

Sales by segment

The decrease of nearly 20,000 units is primarily due to the drop in sales of electric models, from 56,300 units to 45,800. Thus, Mercedes’ sales of electric models decreased in Q2 2024 compared to the same period last year by almost 19%, highlighting the decline of electric models at Mercedes. That’s a drop of 11,500 units in a single quarter.
And for now, there’s no prospect of growth as the electric CLA will only be unveiled in the fall and will be available towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, the Mercedes C-Class EV and GLC EV won’t be on the market until 2026.

Declines are recorded in the Top End and Entry Level segments. In the Top End segment sales, contracted from 84,900 units to 70,300 (-17.8%), and in the Entry Level segment, they fell from 154,100 units to 136,400 (-12%) in Q2 2024.

The situation would have been even worse, but the new E-Class saved the day in the Core segment, which saw solid growth to 290,000 units from 276,600 in Q2 2023 (+5%).

Sales by region

Except for Europe, where Q2 2024 sales were at the same level as in Q2 2023 with 157,500 units, the sales are declining worldwide. In Asia, sales decreased by 6% to 225,600 units, mainly due to the contraction of the Chinese market, which fell by the same 6% to 172,600 units. In North America, sales fell by 5% to 94,200 units, the decrease being due to the contraction of the US market by 4% to 84,700 units.

Q2 2024Change Q2 2023YTD 2024Change YTD 2023
Mercedes-Benz Cars 496,700-4% 959,700-6%
-         thereof BEVs   45,800-25%   93,400-17%
-         thereof xEVs90,000-6%180,100-4%
Mercedes-Benz Cars sales by segments*
Top-End    70,300-17% 136,900-22%
Core 290,0005% 557,7006%
Entry136,400-12% 265,100-16%
Mercedes-Benz Cars sales by regions and markets
Europe157,5000% 317,600-1%
-         thereof Germany49,300-16% 99,700-16%
Asia 225,600-6% 436,300-10%
-         thereof China172,600-6% 341,500-9%
North America94,200-5% 168,200-3%
-         thereof U.S.   84,700-4% 151,200-1%
Rest of World 19,500-5% 37,6000%