Mercedes-BMW sales gap widened in Q2 2024

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Mercedes-BMW sales gap widened in Q2 2024

The sales gap between Mercedes and BMW widened in Q2 2024, mainly because BMW sold significantly more electric models than Mercedes.

In Q2 2024, Mercedes sold 496,700 cars compared to 565,553 BMW units. While Mercedes sales were down 4% in Q2 2024 compared to the same period last year, BMW sales were up 2.2%.

BMW does not report sales of electric models for the BMW brand alone but cumulatively for BMW and Mini. But sales of the new-generation Mini Cooper electric and Countryman electric started a few weeks ago, so they have a small share of total electric model sales in Q2 2024.

BMW Group sold 107,933 electric models in Q2 2024, an increase of 22.2%. By comparison, Mercedes sold just 45,800 electric models in Q2 2024, almost 19% less than in the same period in 2023.
Thus, BMW Group sold more than twice the electric models than Mercedes in Q2 of 2024.

By region, BMW Group (BMW and Mini) sold much more cars than Mercedes.
In Europe, BMW and Mini sold 232,473 units (-0.1%), while Mercedes sold only 157,500 units.

In Asia BMW and Mini sales totaled 249,357 units (-4.3%) compared to 225,600 units for Mercedes. The decrease in Asia is mainly due to the contraction of the Chinese market by 6% for Mercedes and 4.7% for BMW & Mini.

In America, BMW & Mini sales rose 3% to 120,822 units, while Mercedes sales fell 5% to 94,200 units. Mercedes sales were down due to a 4% decline in the US market while BMW & Mini sales increased in the US by 1.7% to 97,135 units.

Mercedes BMW
Q2 2024 496,700556,553
Electric cars 45,800107,933 *
Asia 225,600249,357*
North America 94,200120,822*

* BMW & Mini