Force of nature: the Mercedes C 63 AMG

New video ad for the C63 AMG
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What’s a Mercedes C 63 AMG got to do with the force of nature? Apparently nothing. Actually it’s got everything to do with it. The new TV ad for the powerful Mercedes comes to prove it.

You can’t tell if it’s a professional driver speaking or a professional surfer. Anyway, could be one and the same as far as this goes. And he says he likes the quiet. But it is only the quiet before the storm, as the music explodes, the engine roars and the waves come rushing to the shore.

C63 AMG-2

“I like the sound of pure performance”, he says, and the video shows the angry tailpipes at the back of the car.

The AMG runs like a space-rocket along the tangled roads of the south-western coast of Portugal, completely ignorant of the abyss, nor minding the perpendicular cliffs, as it swiftly changes direction.

C63 AMG-3

“I like the power of nature”, he states while walking along the sandy beach, with seagulls floating above his head. That is just before throwing himself into the Atlantic waves, saying: “And I really love to control all of this.”

It must take a lot of courage and power to control such force of nature, we assume. And yes, now we know for sure. He refers to both the waves and the AMG engine of the C 63.

C63 AMG-5C

Before we let you watch the video called “The Sound of Pure Performance”, we must warn you, too: do not attempt do this yourself, on public roads, especially. The video was filmed with professionals on a closed track.