AMG GT3, the new Mercedes racing model, confirmed for 2016

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The SLS AMG GT3 hasn’t had a bad career. Not by a mile. And we shouldn’t be talking in past tense about it since the new car that will be taking its place still has a little over year until it’s ready. Plenty of time for the SLS AMG GT3 to rack up a few more wins, then.

When you’re the spiritual successor of the silver arrows racing legends you can feel the pressure pushing down on every square inch of your lightweight body. You have to live up to your past; you have to live up to the expectations.

During the 2014 racing season, the SLS AMG GT3 has 34 overall victories to brag about, six championship titles and two endurance wins. Moving on to lesser achievements, it also had 52 class victories and 101 podium finishes. I’d say no matter how high the expectations, the SLS AMG GT3 has fulfilled them, if not more.

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The SLS AMG GT3 proved to be a very successful model

Starting with 2016 Mercedes will be offering a new model in its place – called the Mercedes-AMG GT3 it is, clearly, based on the street version of the AMG GT and will be taking part in all GT3 competition. However, it might even find itself fighting alongside its forefather, the SLS AMG GT3, since the company has announced that it will be extending its support for this model.

“The supply of spare parts and the service support are guaranteed in the future. All teams further on starting with the race gullwing can thus make their long-term planning and can rely on the usual full support by AMG Customer Sports”, went the official statement.

Technical details about the future racing model are being kept secret for now but it has been confirmed that the car will begin an “intense testing and development period” starting next year.