273 km/h for the new Mercedes-AMG GLA 45S on the highway

Top speed confirmation by the new Mercedes-AMG GLA 45S
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Dutch magazine AutoTop tested the acceleration and top speed of the new Mercedes-AMG GLA 45S in its top version with the 2-liter turbo engine of 421 hp and 500 Nm. here are the results.

The Dutch regularly perform performance tests with sports models on motorways in Germany, the only place in Europe where there are sections without speed limits.

Mercedes-AMG GLA is available in three versions: GLA 35 with 306 HP (52,896 euros), GLA 45 in the basic version with 387 HP (61,248 euros) and GLA 45S with 421 HP (66,700 euros).

Mercedes announces a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 4.4 seconds for the GLA 45 and 4.3 seconds for the GLA 45S. But the Dutch magazine could not reach the values announced by the manufacturer, timer stopping at 4.63 seconds.

In terms of top speed, the GLA 45 reaches 250 km/h while the GLA 45S announces in the official specification 270 km/h.

In this case, the Dutch test confirms the factory data, Mercedes-AMG GLA 45S reaching 273 km/h on the highway.

As can be seen, the maximum speed of 273 km/h was reached in the sixth gear of the   eight gears double clutch automatic gearbox.

Here are some other performance data:
1/4 mile 12.57 seconds
1 mile 32.12 seconds
0-200 km/h 16.37 seconds
0-250 km/h 32.19 seconds.

The price of 66,700 euros is high for a 4-cylinder engine and with this money you can buy even sports cars with 6- and 8-cylinder engines but we must admit that the performance of the GLA 45S is impressive and the sound of the engine is absolutely incredible.

Please see below the movie from AutoTop Dutsch magazine.