Will the facelifted Mercedes S-Class take over the headlights and taillights with illuminated Mercedes star from the E-Class?

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In the fall of 2025, Mercedes is preparing a facelift for the flagship S-Class that will keep the Mercedes flagship model fresh for another three years. kolesa.ru designer presents a vision of the future design with the taillights and headlights featuring the Mercedes star, just like the E-Class.

Photo: Kolesa.ru

In recent years, Mercedes models have started to look very much alike. Such is the case with the Mercedes S-Class and C-Class. That’s why Mercedes designers have tried to break this monotony, and the E-Class, the model placed between them, has a different design to differentiate it from the rest of the range.

The Mercedes E-Class has taken the idea from the Mercedes CLA Concept, with the headlights and taillights featuring the illuminated Mercedes logo. Designer kolesa.ru posted on Instagram what the Mercedes S-Class facelift would look like with headlights and taillights similar to the E-Class.

The design looks great, but we don’t think Mercedes will go for this solution as the S-Class should be completely different from the E-Class, especially since the S-Class also has Maybach versions.In the last facelifts applied to the flagship S-Class flagship, the design changes were very discreet, and we don’t expect any major changes now either.

The current-generation Mercedes S-Class W223 was launched in the fall of 2020 in short and long-wheelbase and Maybach versions. The coupe and the convertible versions disappeared from the range. The seventh generation is offered with two diesel engines ( S 350 d and S 450 d with short and long wheelbase, rear and all-wheel drive), three gasoline engines ( S 450 4Matic, S 500 4Matic, and S 580 4Matic), and three PHEV versions (S 450 e, S 580 e 4Matic and AMG S 63 E Performance, the latter only with long wheelbase).

A few days ago, Mercedes announced that it would invest heavily in thermal and hybrid powertrains, and that’s why we expect the S-Class facelift to come with several PHEV versions. The two diesel engines will remain in the lineup as the new Euro 7 standards are not as stringent as expected. The OM656 diesel engine with two SCR catalysts already meets the Euro 7 emission standards for NOx, registering well below the 60 mg NOx limit.

The V12 engine will remain under the hood of the Maybach version. A hybrid version wouldn’t be ruled out, possibly just a mild hybrid, as there’s little room for a PHEV system under the hood. But a second PHEV version more powerful than the S 580 e would not be ruled out.

The facelift will be on the market until 2028, but then at least one more generation will follow, as Mercedes announced a few days ago that it has changed its strategy and will sell models with combustion engines beyond 2030.