Vossen sure knows how to play up a custom Mercedes-Benz SL. VIDEO

Mercedes-Benz SL
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When it comes to tuned Benzes, the final product usually speaks for itself in terms of design, stance and character. However, an image boost never hurt nobody, especially if it comes from Vossen.

This time, Vossen Ukraine took the liberty of getting the best out of a heavily-tuned Mercedes-Benz SL-Class using a more, let’s say, Eastern-European approach.

As you will find out from the video below, this unusual Balkan mix includes the aforementioned customized SL-Class on 20-inch Vossen Concave CV4 wheels and a model; as the video description puts it, “for some different flavor”.

There’s really not much to say about the video so the best idea is to watch it and tell us whether you liked it or not in the comments section below. Enjoy: