Bet out of Hell – Meet the Mercedes G-Class ready for horror movies

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While the world is holding its breath waiting for the 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a digital artist turned the current G into something that looks like a bet out of hell.

The absolutely frightful looking off-roader was penned by MoAoun in three different shades, black, scarlet red and fluorescent yellow and it was granted various upgrades. The SUV now features a matte black paint and a gigantic bullbar, an off-road bumper with a winch, flared arches that make space for a set of huge tires and additional LED lights up on the roof together with a roof rack. The front side has more of an angular shape than the flat lines we have been accustomed to. The wheel rims match the color of the vehicle’s body.

With way too much of everything, the motorized monster designed by MoAoun will spark the imagination of the enthusiasts waiting for the real thing.

The real G-Class has been caught spying all summer and is set to make its debut this fall, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.