Buy a house, get a Benz – Real estate developers gives generous bonus in Dubai

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In the land of the super exotic luxury or sports cars, getting a Mercedes-Benz as a bonus in a financial transaction may not be a big deal. The famous UAE-based DAMAC Properties gives a compact model as a gift once customers purchase a villa in their new AKOYA Oxygen condominium complex.

The developers, known as the leading luxury brand in the region, also offer buyers a kilogram of gold of an investment in a $435,967 villa. But their latest promotion is what draws attention, as they offer customers a free Benz, until July 31st. The commercial poster shows an A-Class model shining red and bright in front of the luxury homes on sale.

“From cars to a kilo of gold, we are making the possibility of owning a dream home much more rewarding while offering convenient payment plans to ensure that the dream is attainable”, says Niall McLoughlin, senior vice-president of DAMAC Properties.

The idea came as a special offer for the holy month of Ramadan. Free furniture packages, discounts up to 60% for the down-payment or delaying payment until the completion of the villa complex are also included.

Over 18,500 homes, 44,000 units at various stages of progress, 13,000 hotel rooms. These are all in the ownership and portofolio of DAMAC Properties, so a Mercedes is just pocket change for the company.