Roadster show: BMW Skytop vs Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed

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Which is more beautiful? Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed or BMW SkyTop? Mercedes and BMW presented two spectacular concepts at almost the same time. The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed will go into small series production, while BMW hasn’t decided yet.

At almost the same time, Mercedes and BMW unveiled two spectacular concepts. A few days before the F1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, Mercedes unveiled the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept on a floating pontoon in the Monte Carlo harbor, which will be produced in a small series of 250 examples, being the first model in the new Mythos range.

BMW presented the BMW SkyTop concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este on Lake Como, which takes place every year at the end of May, but has not yet made a decision on a possible small series production.

Extreme roadster with no windscreen (Mercedes) vs targa (BMW)

The two concepts are based on top models from the two manufacturers. The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is based on the Mercedes-AMG SL, which uses the new MSA (Modular Sports Architecture) platform developed by AMG for the AMG SL and AMG GT. The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed is an extreme two-seater roadster with no windscreen and no front pillar, with passengers protected by a Halo-like system in F1 connected to the car’s body.

The BMW Skytop is based on the BMW 8 Series Cabrio but has ditched the two rear seats. The roof is not softtop like the 8 Series Cabrio, but the BMW Skytop has been transformed into a Targa with a small hardtop, constructed from two segments that stretch between the windscreen frame and the leather-clad roll bar behind the seats that protect passengers in the event of a rollover.

Both concepts take design elements from the iconic models of the two brands combined with modern elements. The BMW Skytop has the silhouette and dimensions of the BMW 8 Series Cabrio, from which it takes the front end, except that the headlamps are much slimmer, the more rectangular grille is reminiscent of the Z8 and the rearward slope of the grille is reminiscent of the famous BMW 507. The Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed features the silhouette of the AMG SL. The air intakes in the front spoiler are inspired by the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar, and the windscreen-skimming solution brings to mind the SLR Stirling Moss, which was built in only 75 examples.

Dashboard inspired from series production 

Mercedes hasn’t yet revealed the AMG PureSpeed’s dashboard, but did mention that the interior is distinguished by the custom-designed IWC Schaffhausen clock in the center of the dashboard. More than likely, the dashboard with the 11.9-inch portrait display will be carried over from the AMG SL.The BMW Skytop’s dashboard is carried over from the BMW 8-Series with the wide multimedia system display in the upper part of the center console, the crystal-embellished gearshift next to which is the traditional controller.

V8 bi-turbo confirmed by BMW, no info from Mercedes 

Mercedes has announced that it will produce the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed in a small run of 250 examples, the first model in the new Mythos range similar to Ferrari’s Ikona range. But it did not give any information about the engine. More than likely, under the hood, will be the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that will likely deliver more than the 585 PS in the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4Matic+.

BMW hasn’t decided on whether it will produce this model in series, awaiting public and customer reaction after the Concorso d’Eleganza. But it did mention that under the hood of the concept is BMW’s most powerful engine. This engine is currently the twin-turbo V8 in the M8 Competition, which develops 625 PS.
A BMW PR executive told us that BMW could produce this concept in a limited run of 50 examples for 500,000 euros a piece if there are enough customers.