Best record laps on the Nurburgring

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On 28 October 2022, the Mercedes-AMG One broke the all-time record at the Nurburgring with an incredible time of 6:30.705 minutes (German Sport Auto magazine version) or 6:35.183 over a total distance of 20,832 metres.

The Nurburgring is timed with two versions of fast laps: one over a total distance of 20.832 metres and one 200 metres shorter for safety reasons, the version used by the German Sport Auto magazine.

Below we present the all time ranking of the fastest laps. There are only 12 cars that managed to get under 7 minutes on the Nurburgring. Of these, seven are Porsches, two Mercedes and three Lamborghinis. Of the 12 models that have managed to get under 7 minutes, 10 are with conventional engines. Only the Mercedes-AMG One and the Porsche 918 Spyder (10th place) have Plug-In Hybrid powertrains.

First Ferrari in this ranking is the 488 Pista with a time just over 7 minutes (13th place). The first McLaren is just 18th. It is the McLaren 720S. The fastest BMW is the M4 CSL with a better time than the Ferrari Enzo and the BMW M3 Touring holds the record for the fastest station wagon at the Nurburgring with 7:35.060 minutes.

The fastest electric car is the Tesla Model S Plaid with 7:30.909 minutes. The record for the fastest front-wheel drive car is held by the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R with 7:40.100 minutes achieved in April 2017.

It should also be noted that in case of Porsche, Lamborghini and Mercedes models that all hold sub-7 minute records, all record attempts were made with the support of the factory and with a factory or racing driver, while somne of the Ferrari or McLaren models had Sport Auto magazine editors at the wheel.
Missing from this ranking are famous models such as the McLaren P1 and F1 as well as the LaFerrari and Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The record for a non-road legal car is held by the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo with 5:19.546 minutes with Timo Bernhard at the wheel

16:30.705Mercedes-AMG One Maro EngelOctober 28, 2022
26:38.835 Porsche 911 GT2 RS MRLars KernJune 14, 2021
36:43.616Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Maro Engel November 4, 2020
46:44.848 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992)Jorg BergmeisterOctober 5, 2022
56:44.97 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ LP770-4Marco MapelliJuly 26, 2018
66:47.25 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2) Lars Kern September 20, 2017
76:52.01 Lamborghni Huracan PerformanteMarco Mapelli October 5, 2016
86:55.34 Porsche 911 GT3 (992.1)Lars KernSeptember 15, 2020
96:56.4 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2)Kevin Estre April 16, 2018
106:57 Porsche 918 Spyder Marc Lieb September 4, 2013
116:58.28 Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2)Christian Gebhardt April 17, 2018
126:59.73 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce Marco MapelliMay 18, 2015
137:00.03 Ferrari 488 Pista Christian Gebhardt May 16, 2019
187:08.34 McLaren 720S Christian Gebhardt June 28, 2018
287:15.677 BMW M4 CSL Jorg Weidinger May 2022
377:21.63Ferrari 488 GTBChristian Gebhardt November 2016
497:25.21 Ferrari Enzo FerrariMarc BassengAugust 2008
757:30.909Tesla Model S Plaid Andreas Simonsen September 9, 2021
967:35.060BMW M3 Touring Jorg WeidingerMay 2022
1207:40.100Renault Megane R.S Trophy-RLaurent Hurgon April 2019