MBUSA reports Record-Breaking 2014 Sales

Mercedes-Benz USA
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Mercedes-Benz USA reported today record-breaking 2014 sales, 330,391 units sold, up 5.7% from 321,534 vehicles delivered to clients in 2013.

For instance, Sprinter sales increased 18% to 25,745 units, while smart sales were up 12.8% to 10,453 vehicles sold. The best-ever year-to date with a grand total of 366,589 units for Mercedes-Benz USA.

Stephen Cannon, president and CEO of MBUSA said that “The past year brought key milestones for Mercedes-Benz on both the product and customer service fronts.” Moreover, he added that “Capped by another round of record sales, we’re more aligned than ever in pairing a ‘best or nothing’ model lineup with the best ownership experience in the business.”

Sales of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, from the entry-level CLA four-door coupe to the brand’s S-Class flagship, increased to 212,086 from 206,221 vehicles handed over to clients in 2013.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Coupé (C 217) 2014

The C-Class took the top spot with 75,065 units, followed by the E-Class at 66,400. The best-selling Mercedes-Benz SUV, the M-Class, rounded out the top three at 46,726, up 13.1% from the 41,326 vehicles sold the previous year. At the high end, the S-Class saw yearly sales increase 90% to 25,276 from 13,303 in 2013.

A best-ever December for Mercedes-Benz USA delivered monthly sales of 34,009, compared to 33,007 in December 2013.

Regarding the high-performance models, Mercedes AMG models increased by 44.9 % from 7,802 units sold in the previous year to 11,303 in 2014. For the month of December, AMG sales totaled 1,122 units, compared to 1,109 in the same month last year.