Mercedes-Benz Instagram account hacked, posts Nazi imagery and photos of BMWs

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Mercedes-Benz Instagram account was hacked. German speakers that follow the premium car maker on the social network were shocked to see Nazi imagery and reported the content.

Photos of the rival BMW’s models also showed up on the Mercedes-Benz Deutschland account, as it fell victim to hackers on Tuesday. The company apologized for the offensive content and explained the situation for the 6.7 million followers.

Unidentified hackers took over the @mercedesbenz_de Instagram profile. Mercedes-Benz revealed for the news agency PDA. The premium car maker will take further legal steps to identify and penalize the hackers. Shortly after the incident that surprised the followers, the Instagram account was taken down and cleaned up, before putting it back online.

The hacker also changed the profile name to “HACKED BY catz”, making it clear that something was wrong and clicked “Follow” for various accounts with no connection to the car field.

There was enough time though for people to make screenshots of the Swastika flag and of the cars of the competitor BMW. Several links were also provided in the account’s description, asking followers to “donate for the starving people”.

Mercedes-Benz Deutschland said “sorry for any inconvenience and offense caused”, when confused fans shared the images.

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