James Bond ditches Mercedes for rickshaw in old funny TV ad

Oldies, but goldies
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Bond. James Bond. Meet driver. Crazy driver. The secret agent ditches his Mercedes-Benz limousine in the congested traffic of Bangkok and jumps into a rickshaw.

When the driver of the rickshaw realizes he’s got one secret agent in the flesh in the back seat of his vehicle, he accelerates and virtually takes off, racing through markets, luxury restaurants and construction sites. With no seatbelt option, James Bond has to hold on well to the pillars of the vehicle. Occasionally, he advises his driver to keep his eyes on the road. But the bold driver gets him to his destination in time. Bond has got a date with one hot Asian girl, Zhang Ziyi, the one that you might know from the “Memoires of a Geisha” or from “Tiger and Dragon”.

“Sorry to keep you, traffic was a killer”, she complains getting out of a Mercedes. James Bond gives her a look as if saying “Tell me about it”. Instead, he gives his credit card to the man who brought him there in the craziest way possible.

After dinner, the rickshaw driver shows up again. This time, he’s driving a luxury rickshaw. Will James Bond want to ride it again? Find out for yourself!


Actor Pierce Brosnan is very much into cars. He owns an Aston Martin Vanquish, a Maserati GranTurismo, and recently, the former James Bond has gone eco, driving a BMW Hydrogen 7 and a BMW i8. One year ago, he starred in a family-car commercial for Kia Sorrento.