Bertha Benz: the journey that changed everything

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It is a woman without which the car industry would have looked totally different. Mercedes-Benz presents the story of the woman that wrote history. “Bertha Benz: The Journey that Changed Everything” is a tribute to all women on International Women’s Day.

Bertha Benz was the first test driver ever. To mark her 170th birthday on the 3rd of May, Mercedes-Benz takes the story of her historic long-distance journey to the big screen.

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“Bertha was a pioneer. With our film, we want to motivate people to go through life with a similarly positive, hands-on approach and to tackle challenges with confidence”, says Vice President of Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars, Bettina Fetzer.

Beauty in charge – Bettina Fetzer is the new Marketing Chief

Her journey was meant to draw attention to her husband’s invention. The vehicle created by Carl Benz was capable, 130 years ago, to cover the distance from Manheim to Pforzheim, with her two young boys, Eugen and Richard, and with a vehicle never tested before. She knew it would take her to her destination, to visit her parents.

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“She was more daring than I,” Carl Benz said about his brave wife. He was the inventor of the automobile, but she was his support, both financial and moral. She trusted his invention, the horseless carriage, more than he did and her journey changed the face of mobility.

The story is revealed in the “Bertha Benz: The Journey that Changed Everything”, the movie produced by Anorak Film and directed by Sebastian Strasser and Alice Bottaro.