Gold Digger! It takes a Mercedes SLS AMG to pick up some girls

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This is the video that shocked good girls just as much as the bad ones. Some of the latter seem to need a Mercedes SLS AMG to accept men who make a pass at them. A blonde woman sitting at a table outside a restaurant totally ignored a man half looking like a homeless.

The man with baggy pants asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime, but the blonde said she had a boyfriend and sent him away. Ten minutes later, a man wearing a suit and getting off a jaw-dropping Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series makes a pass at her. She’s got her eyes on him from the very first moment the gullwing doors crack open. He sits next to her at the table and she is totally open to his invitation. The boyfriend from ten minutes before simply vanished into thin air.

Unluckily for her, he is not the owner of the car, but just the driver of it. Guess who the owner is! Yeah, you got that right!


The prank is though quite transparent. The apparently poor guy asking her on a date in the first place is holding an iPhone and has an Apple watch around his wrist. Just clues that the girl doesn’t read. In the end, she just stands puzzled as the driver of the fabulous 6.3-liter SLS AMG Black Series drives away.

After seeing this, one question stands: why is there a Teddy Bear in the passenger seat? Oh, at least, the stuffed animal has the seatbelt on. Safety first, right? Besides, Teddy Bears aren’t gold diggers!

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    Good to see Mercedes on their blogging grind. This will surely help you get more sales. Keep creating value blogs. :-)