10 crucial things about Mercedes electric strategy

Mercedes future electric models
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Mercedes has announced at Frankfurt motorshow more details about electric strategy of the brand. Here are the main 10 crucial things you have to know about Mercedes electric strategy.

  1. Mercedes has developed a dedicated platform for its electric vehicles named MEA (Mercedes Electric Arhitecture) which will be used to build 10 models from compact class to SUVs and luxury saloons under the subbrand EQ.
  1. The electric range of the new EQ models will vary from 400 to 500 km depending of the battery capacity. Mercedes has announced that the batteries will have a capacity of over 70 kWh but does give until now new details. All batteries will be produced in Daimler subsidiary ACCUMOTIVE.
  1. The MEA platform is very flexible and different type of propulsion can be used: front traction, rear traction and 4wd electric traction. Mercedes does not mention yet but, probably, the compact models will use a front wheel drive system while luxury sedans will provide the traditional rear wheel drive. For the SUVs we expect one electric engine on each axle, which will deliver a 4wd electric traction.
  1. The initial announcement was that the maximum output will be upt to 300 kWh while the top torque will reach up to 700 Nm.
  1. Despite the fact that we expect that all Mercedes EQ models to be produced in the same place, Mercedes has announced officially that all its three german car plants will be in charge wuith the production of EQ models.
    – Rastatt plant, where are produced traditional compact models will produce the compact electric models which means that EQA is very probably to come from there.
    – Bremen plant, the house of the C and GLC family will be responsible for the middles size EQ models.
    – Sindelfingen plant, the Mercedes house for luxury saloons and coupes will take care of the future electric luxury cars which means that the future Tesla Model S rival will be produced here.
  2. The first electric model of the EQ range will debut in 2019 and will be produced in Bremen.
  1. Smart brand will become a 100% electric brand by 2020 abandoning the classic versions currently available.
  1. All traditional models which do not have yet a Plug-In Hybrid version will get a Plug-In Hybrid version. Mercedes was the first premium carmaker to launch a Plug-In Hybrid version and has more Plug-In Hybrid versions than any other premium rival.
  1. Mercedes GLC F-Cell is a revolutionary car being the first and only one which combine a F-cell with a Plug-In hybrid system.
  1. With the new 48V network, Mercedes has started a process of microhybridization. The 48V network debut already on the new 6 inline engines available on the S 450 and S 500 facelift.