June 2016 sales: Mercedes is the leader of premium car market in the half of 2016

BMW, Audi, Mercedes sales June 2016
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As we expect, BMW cannot recover in June the advance of Mercedes in the first six months, despite the bavarians sold 653 cars more than Mercedes.

With 189,097 cars sold in June, BMW overpassed Mercedes with exactly 653 cars but this is not enough to maintain its its leading position from 2015.

Mercedes sold 1,006,619 cars in the first six months and keep its advantage of around 20,000 cars ahead of BMW which sold 986,557 cars in the first semestre of 2016.

Audi lost the race with BMW in June with only 169,000 cars sold and a total of 953,200 in the first six months.

As usual, BMW does not communicate the sales by regions for BMW and Mini brand so it is impossible to make a direct comparison.

Even without detailed figures for BMW and Mini brand, it is clear that Mercedes is number one on the asian market followed by BMW and Audi, while in Europe it seems that BMW  has a small advantage.

Despite of Dieselgate, Audi is the only brand which recorded a sales increase in USA, while BMW and Mercedes sales decreased with 8.0% respectively 1.30%.

BrandJune-16Change from 2015January- June 2016Change from 2015
thereof Germany28,7907.40%142,7567.80%
thereof USA28,4731.50%162,777-1.30%
thereof Japan6,3560.40%32,120-1.40%
thereof China39,46221.40%219,99933.10%
thereof Germany28,01615.90%166,15412.40%
Asia Pacific339,3003.90%
thereof China45,300*12.80%
thereof Japan8,300*12.60%
thereof USA33,769*-11.90%
* BMW communicate sales data by regions only together with Mini