Mercedes Against the Hackers

Mercedes-Benz protects cars against hacking
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Mercedes-Benz is trying to make the best safety cars. Not only when it comes to mechanics, but also to information. The German manufacturer is trying to protect the customers’ data by in-building an innovative system. Once you leave the car, you can simply sign out of your account, like you do on social networks. Your car will automatically erase all data if you do the right settings.

At any time, a hacker could hijack a vehicle by connecting to a car computer or can download a virus into it. But Mercedes-Benz is trying to be one step ahead of the hackers. This is one of the reasons the premium brand is starting to use a cloud-computing system to protect the customers’ data. The drivers will be able to control how much of their data, including personal information or route, is available to the outside world and they will be able to erase all once they leave the car, so that nothing will be “leaked”.

“If we’re making safe cars, that doesn’t just apply to the mechanical technology, but also to data security”, said Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, head of legal affairs at Daimler. This is how Mercedes-Benz is counting to gain customers acceptance of comfort and safety equipment.

Remote control on the account of hijackers is especially dangerous for the self-driving cars. Mercedes tested a self-driving car on a 100 km drive on a public route last year. So far, 3-months attempts by computer-specialist contractors to hack into the system of the S-Class have failed, said Ralf Lamberti, who runs Daimler’s Telematics Department.