Concept EQT previews the future premium electric van

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The new Concept EQT is here to preview the future premium electric van segment. Mercedes dedicates the vehicle to all those enthusiastic about sports and other recreational activities.

The Concept EQT comes as the forerunner of the first premium vehicle in the small van segment. The EQ prefix confirms that we are dealing with an all-electric model.

The future series-production vehicle will be able to accommodate up to seven occupants and provide a generous luggage compartment. The V-Class typical formula is thus translated into the small van segment.

Concept EQT (24)

It is easy to recognize the Concept EQT as a Mercedes-Benz van. The concept comes with balanced proportions and, as all EQ models, it also features a clear and emotional front end design. It displays the characteristic black panel with LED headlights. Mercedes accounts it with muscular shoulders and striking wheel wells. They host 21-inch light-alloys with high-sheen finish.

Stars of different sizes show up as a pattern on the front end, wheels, panoramic roof and electric longboard in the rear. A light strip connects the LED headlamps with the LED vertical rear lamps.

The Concept EQT measures 4,945 millimeters in length, 1,863 millimeters in width and 1,826 millimeters in height. It features sliding doors on both sides to provide easy access.

The Concept EQT – an emotional and stylish cabin

Mercedes fitted an elegant contrast of black and white inside the Concept EQT. Seats in white nappa leather and recycled plaited leather applications on the seat center panel are part of the menu.

The vehicle gets a digital instrument cluster in two layers. There is a semi-closed stowage compartment above the instrument cluster, where driver can keep documents. There are also round air vents in high-gloss black and galvanized trim elements on board. The multifunctional steering wheel with Touch Control buttons and the ambient lighting on the center console enhance the high-tech and relaxing atmosphere.

Concept EQT (19)

The Concept EQT also gets the MBU infotainment system, a premiere in the small van segment. Drivers can activate the artificial intelligence-based system by simply saying “Hey Mercedes”.

There are full-sized individual seats in the third row. Furthermore, parents can fit three child seats in the second row of seats. The EQT also gets an electric longboard. Mercedes integrated it in the load compartment and in a double-floor beneath a plexiglass lid fitted in an aluminum frame.

Mercedes will launch the future T-Class in 2022.

Concept EQT (20)