Cadillac Plans Competitor for the Mercedes-Benz CLA

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The American giant Cadillac is planning to rival the German Mercedes-Benz CLA. They already created the competitor for the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6, with the CTS, another one for the 3 Series, the C-Class, the Audi A4 with the ATS and also one for the 7 Series, the S-Class and the A8, by sending the so-called CT6 on the market. But Cadillac aims even higher.

The Cadillac model, smaller than the ATS, which will be considered as a competitor for the Mercedes-Benz CLA, will cost less than $30 000, just like the German car in the US, at least for the entry level unit. And it will be part of a global strategy, as the American brand is also planning to provide Europe with their new model. The General Motors strategy also includes moving the headquarters from Detroit to New York and renaming the car line-up. The new CEO of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen, says that relocation will provide the company a better position to attack the rival sales. This sounds like a declaration of war for the Benz.

 The Cadillac model that will go up against the Mercedes-Benz CLA will be smaller than the Cadillac ATS

This is the American premium brand’s strategy to go against the Mercedes. And wait, there is more! Cadillac is planning to launch the first model with Super Drive technology in 2017. That is a system that involves hands-free operation on the highway. The Americans hope that this will be the renaissance of the company, as they intend to extend their focus onto Europe. In Asia, Cadillac is already forcing its way into the Chinese market.

The German brand is planning 12 brandnew models until 2020, but falling behind is far from the Cadillac plans right now. De Nysschen advertises for an enlarged portofolio, including three crossovers, more coupes, convertibles and performance cars, some of which may be niche models, the so called “white space”, where Cadillac hasn’t traditionally competed in yet. “An entry level-lux vehicle to compete the CLA is a must-have, we will definitely have one”, says South-African born CEO, De Nysschen, who declines to provide more information about the expected model.