Mercedes-Benz Reveals C111-Inspired Car Concept, Vision One-Eleven

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Opening the doors to a new era of futuristic luxury: The electrifying Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven. This is how the German carmaker reveals the concept car inspired by the design study from the 1970s. It is a futuristic hypercar with electric propulsion.

The model keeps the paint scheme from almost half a century ago, displaying a two-tone orange and black body, that also changes with the light. It also carries over the gullwing doors, a lightweight structure, and the cab-forward design, reinterpreting the iconic concept car C 111 in a curvier manner, without turning into a one-to-one copy.

The Vision One-Eleven though, is powered by twin axial flux motors developed in partnership with the British company YASA, with what Mercedes calls “unmatched power density far beyond comparable radial motors.”  Meanwhile, there is a battery with high-performance liquid-cooled cylindrical cells, with Formula 1-inspired cell chemistry.

With the One-Eleven, Mercedes brings forward its Manufaktur customization division, but also a Night Series package. The carmaker also claims that we’re looking at the first sports car interior with a lounge concept.  In race mode, with the backrest in the upright position and the compact driver-oriented touchscreen, the interior turns into that of a minimalist driving machine. Everything changes in the lounge mode. The seats are fully integrated into the interior structure, merging with the sills, center tunnel, and luggage compartment into a single unit.

A major area of the dashboard is upholstered in white fabric with a tech-look honeycomb structure. There are orange four‑point harnesses onboard and high-gloss polished buckles to enhance the sporty nature of the model.

This is not just an experiment that will find its place in the Mercedes-Benz Museum right next to the C111. The future generation of YASA axial-flux motors will be produced at the Mercedes-Benz Berlin-Marienfelde plant. The motors manufactured there will be at the heart of the forthcoming powertrain for the performance segment.