Mercedes-Benz Previews Bizarre G-Class Concept in Teaser Photos

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Mercedes-Benz is going to show a radical one-off G-Class at the London Fashion Week. All we know so far is that the concept looks… bizarre.

Mercedes-Benz teamed up with clothing and accessory company Moncler to create what they call Project Gravity, a “unique piece of art,” unlike anything we have seen from the premium car brand so far.

The teaser photos are dark and don’t show much. But we can guess some unmistakable angular lines and the round headlights flanking what should be a grille that supports the three-pointed star logo. What is surprising is a set of oversized wheels wrapped in chubby tires. Something similar shows up on the roof of the concept, but we doubt we’re dealing with rubber up there. It is most likely a texture that wants to imitate the puffer jackets that Italian company Moncler creates.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class concept Moncler (3)

The same prominent puffer texture shows up at the rear, covering the entire C-pillar, rear window, and rear side window. It is an indication that the concept is not going to be functional.

The concept car displays a vintage patina that Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener describes as being “like an old Leica camera, with a worn surface showing the metal below.”

“The entire piece almost resembles a giant handbag,” he adds. We can’t see the giant handbag, honestly.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class concept is going to show up at the London Fashion Week on February 20, during Moncler’s “The Art of Genius Show.”

Mercedes also collaborated with Virgil Abloh

Last time Mercedes-Benz partnered up with a fashion brand was when the Project Maybach by Virgil Abloh saw the light of day. It was a striking off-roader with angular design and an external rollcage, a transparent hood, and solar panels.

Unfortunately, Virgil Abloh passed away at the age of 41, due to a rare form of cancer, before Mercedes got to reveal the concept.