Mercedes G 500 4×42 Brabus for Sale With Low Mileage on an Auction

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At the Bonhams auction on June 18 in Cheserex, Switzerland a Mercedes G 500 4×42 Brabus  in new condition with less than 14,000 km on board is for sale.

Launched in 2015, the Mercedes G 500 4×42 was an attractive model for off-road enthusiasts as it took over the portal axles from the Mercedes G63 AMG 4×4 which gave it a 45 cm/17.71 in ground clearance, 20 cm/7.87 in higher and an ability to cross 1 meter/39.37 in deep waters, 40 cm/15.74 in higher than the standard model. And the price of around 250,000 euro was half of the G63 AMG 4×4, which cost around 500,000 euro.

The Mercedes G 500 4×42 was distinguished by a 23 cm/9 in wider track at the front and 25 cm/9.84 in at the rear compared to the G 500 and has portal axles, suspension developed by KW with dual spring and shock damper struts with adjustable damping and dual side-pipe exhausts which exit ahead of the rear wheels.

The standard version was equipped with the 4-liter V8 turbo engine developing 422 ps/416 hp and 610 Nm/450 lb-ft, but Brabus modified the engine increasing power to 508 ps/500 hp. The engine was mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The model offered at auction was newly registered in Germany and has less than 14,000 km on board. The current owner bought it in August 2022 and the car has original Brabus documentation. The model offered at auction has no less than 120 options, with multi-contour, ventilated seats, 18-inch double five-spoke alloy wheels, Brabus exhaust system with flaps, carbon air intakes, carbon spare wheel cover with the model name, and electric winch among others.

The car also features Brabus body elements: Brabus front grille, Brabus additional daytime running lights, Brabus headlights black, Brabus bonnet attachment, and Brabus rear bumper.

The estimated selling price is between 170,000 and 220,000 CHF (174,161 and 225,385 euro), slightly lower than a new standard Mercedes G 500 4×42. Considering this is a Brabus and has only 14,000 km on board, the price is decent.

The Mercedes G 500 4×42 is quite a rare model, but Mercedes never gave details of production figures. A similar version called the G 550 4×42 was also sold in the US for $300,000. There are informations that Mercedes is preparing the second generation Mercedes G 500 4×42 which will have a much more powerful 4-liter V8 engine of 585 ps/577 hp compared to 422 ps/416 hp in the former generation, and that the price will jump to over 300,000 euros. The new model was supposed to be launched in the summer of 2022 but has been delayed.