MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY. The new “Driver’s Choice Collection”

MAYBACH - Icons of Luxury
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“Driver’s Choice Collection” is an online shop where only Mercedes-Maybach owners get exclusive access. These high-quality accessories can be purchased through authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers and the MAYBACH-ICONS OF LUXURY shops from Munich, Berlin, Abu Dhabi and Lisbon.

The “Driver’s Choice Collection” sets new standards in the luxury segment and meets customer’s demands in terms of design, materials and craftsmanship. It will sell under the motto “To create the very best from the very best”, as a tribute to the individuality of the one wearing the item. Here you have a list of these exclusive items of the “Driver’s Choice Collection.”

Driver’s Choice Collection

Bags for business, travel and leisure

A luxurious travel bag featuring one large inside compartment and two outside compartments. An elegant Small Travel Suitcase with reinforced sides offering two inside compartments separate by two leather straps, another inner compartment and two locking outer compartments.

The handbag –THE ICON provides enough space for a laptop or for other purchases, lined with fabric orange colour. On the other hand, the handbag THE BARONESS I features a seductive design, stylish quality and feminine elegance with several inside compartments of different sizes, a decorative outer compartment and a snap hook for a key ring.

The Soft Business Bag is equipped with a spacious interior compartment and you can attach a wide padded carrying strap to the bag.

The Messanger Bag has a unique profile that demonstrates clarity, style and high quality. The bag is perfect for carrying documents and it is fitted with two very practical inside compartments and a wide shoulder strap.

Driver’s Choice Collection

Elegant accessories and eyewear

The elegance and the simple beauty is what all the accessories have in common. The narrow belt is made of smooth leather, while the wide belt is made of grained leather and both of them are available in lengths of 90, 100 and 110 cm.

Cuff Links, men’s glass, are beautiful jewellery items that impresses with fine materials and unique style. The cufflinks are available in rhodium silver or ruthenium in black.

MAYBACH – Icons of Luxury has already established itself as a symbol of the highest standards of quality and luxury in the area of luxury accessories and eyewear.