Know your Maybach facts or you might embaras yourself

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There are some people who are nothing short of a walking automotive library. Ask them the power for the entry level second generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class diesel and it will take them approximately 0.4 seconds to come back with the right answer.

To you and I they’re freaks, but we we’d surely like to have this awesome database of knowledge at our disposal at any given time as well. I bet you this guy working on a tow truck (or rather a crane truck) wishes the same thing now, after trying (and failing) to lift a Maybach 62S.

The whole shenanigan seems to take place somewhere in the Austrian capital city of Wien, where an illegally parked Maybach 62S is minding its own illegal business. The owner of the car is nowhere to be seen,  but you have to imagine him sitting somewhere above enjoying the show, knowing very well the crane hasn’t got sufficient lifting power to scoop the behemoth on the platform.

I’m pretty sure somewhere on that truck there is a sticker saying something like “maximum lifting weight XXXX kilograms” and, after watching this clip, I’m also convinced that number is lesser than 2,805 kg, the gross weight of a Maybach 62S. If only that big blonde guy knew his Maybach facts like those freaks we were talking about earlier…

On the other hand, maybe they should be grateful they didn’t succeed in lifting the Maybach. With its length of over six meters, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have fitted on the platform, which would have been even more humiliating for the two.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t condone illegal parking and we’re not happy the Maybach guy got away. After all, that’s a white Maybach, so the owner couldn’t have been a very classy guy. But this is still funny as hell.