How Auto Transport Works

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Auto transport is, as its name suggests, the transportation of vehicles. A car or bike will be placed on top of a transportation truck, and it will be moved from one location to the next.

You might wonder why someone would transport a car if they can just drive the vehicle to the desired location. Sometimes, it is easier, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective to transport your vehicle, especially if you are a snowbird.

In this article, we look at how auto transportation works. We explain how snowbirds’ car shipping works, and we also give you a checklist of things to remember when you transport your car.

The Auto Transport Process

When you decide to transport your car, you will have to determine a few things before requesting a quotation from a vehicle hauling company. The first thing that you should consider is if you want to use open or enclosed car shipping.

Open car shipping is usually less expensive than enclosed car shipping. The difference between the two is that with enclosed car shipping, your vehicle will be placed in a container, while with open car shipping, your car will be on the back of an open truck. The next thing to consider is where you are located and where you are shipping your vehicle to.

The roads to and from the locations will affect the cost of the quote. The distance traveled will also affect the cost. The further the distance, the more fuel will need to be used, as well as longer driving hours, therefore the additional costs will increase the price you pay. If you are looking for a car shipping quote, you can check out auto transport quotes on Vehicle Haul rates to obtain the best service and price.

What Is Snowbirds Car Shipping?

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that you might want to use auto transportation because you are a snowbird. For those that do not know, let us quickly explain what a snowbird is. Snowbirding is the name given to people migrating, like birds, during the winter from the colder northern parts of America to the warmer southern parts.

Now that you know what a snowbird is let us look at how snowbirds car shipping works. Rather than driving their cars from the northern parts to the southern parts each year, they use vehicle hauling companies.

It is easier for snowbirds because they don’t have to take the long drive, which could save them money. It is also more convenient to have your car available when you are in either location. So how does snowbird car shipping work?

It works similar to your usual auto transportation; the big difference is that it is a seasonal process. For people in the northern part of the country, snowbirding season will start in September, and they will head back to their homes in March.

You still need to decide which type of car shipping you would like to use, open or enclosed. You should also remember that the vehicle type, weight, distance, fuel price, tolls, fees, surcharges, and the driving conditions will all be factored into the overall cost of the quotation.

So, auto transport quote depends on a number of factors that depend not only on the characteristics of the car transported but also on weather conditions, type of transport (closed or open) and possible tolls.

Essential Things To Remember Before Shipping Your Car

If this is your first time shipping your car, then here are a few essential things that you should remember. Start by cleaning your vehicle, not just the outside of the car but the inside as well. This will help you to make sure that you remove all your valuables from the vehicle.

Take pictures of your clean car; this way, you will be able to identify any scratches or problems with your vehicle before and after shipping. Fill your car with a quarter tank of gas. It will be enough to get your vehicle on and off the shipping trailers, and the less full tank will ensure that there is no unnecessary weight being transported.

Contact your shipping company to enquire about their insurance coverage. You should make sure that you have additional shipping insurance coverage and your standard car insurance. Don’t be caught unaware with an outdated car insurance policy.

The only things left to do now are accepting your quotation, making all the appropriate arrangements with the vehicle hauling company, and then finally preparing your keys to hand over to the pickup driver.

In Conclusion

There are numerous reasons why you would like to transport your car with the aid of a vehicle hauling company.

Remember to do your homework before requesting a quotation and remember all the essential things you need to do before shipping your car.